EUPHONIA'S first project, starts every adventure by loading a piano and a pianist
into a truck to bring musical activities to some of the most distant
and less known places in Colombia

PianoMóvll is a project that targets children in isolated communities. The project aims to promote the value of musical practice and to inspire societal change.

PianoMóvil creates a moment of reunion and contemplation. To fully appreciate PianoMóvil one must consider the difficult historical context of these communities. We aim to contribute to peace and reconciliation in the country.

  • To provide outdoor and free concerts to underserved parts of Colombia.
  • To make annual tours throughout Colombia to meet with local communities and their leaders to document PianoMóvil’s work and influence.
  • To collect information about the state of musical practice and teaching in Colombia and to share this information with the national authorities in order to foster the creation of future community-strengthening initiatives.
  • To raise awareness about the importance of education and access to culture.
  • To grow to become a project capable of hosting and uniting national and foreign artists from different artistic backgrounds to promote efforts to find solutions to social problems.
  • PianoMovil travels to host a concert in a chosen local community.
  • Host a meeting with local communities to learn about their concerns while building a sense of community among children and music lovers.
  • Facilitate artistic exchange with local musicians.
  • Host musical workshops for children and young people.
  • Support and publicize local community-building initiatives, and if possible, host a second concert in partnership with local musicians.

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